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Red Bull x LiHO Tea - National Partnership

Red Bull x LiHO Tea - National Partnership


Red Bull

In an effort to expand Red Bull’s sales touchpoints, particularly in non-traditional on-premise businesses, a unique partnership was formed between the energy drink brand and a local bubble (boba) tea brand, LiHO Tea. This collaboration would be Red Bull’s first partnership with a bubble (boba) tea brand in Southeast Asia, and the most successful unique partnership of its kind in Asia Pacific.

This partnership would see a difficult period to navigate due to multiple restrictions in offline launches due to COVID-19 regulations in place, however, it would be wildly successful with sold-out products nationwide within the launch weekend.

Success of the partnership was also credited to the coupling of the launch date with the Lunar New Year, of which 2021 would be the Year of the Bull (Ox), allowing Red Bull to push playful branding and marketing opportunities during the launch. After the immensely successful launch of the limited time products, the partnership was renewed and re-launched into permanent menu items for LiHO Tea.

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