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Red Bull R1v1r Runes

Red Bull R1v1r Runes


Red Bull

Red Bull R1v1r Runes is a unique take on one of the most popular games in the world: DOTA 2.

Red Bull R1v1r Runes was a campaign by Red Bull to give wings to gamers in Singapore and connecting with one of the biggest untapped consumer groups in the country. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire campaign had to be done almost completely remotely, with the exception of the National Final which was held offline with key health and safety measures in place to ensure all country regulations were strictly enforced.

The project brought in key major sponsors that were aligned with giving a platform to gamers in Singapore, including top national and international gaming brands, SCOGA, Dreamcore, Stealseries, and Martiangear, and was supported by Red Bull’s national partners, Foodpanda and Wooshi.

The Nation Finals was held at the Dreamcore showroom after 2 online remote qualifiers the week before, and was livestreamed via the Red Bull Gaming Facebook page to an regional audience. To drive further engagement with gamers, top DOTA 2 team, Team OG, made a special appearance during the finals, playing against the Red Bull R1v1 Runes National Champion in a once in a lifetime 1-on-1 battle.

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