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Red Bull 3Style

Red Bull 3Style


Red Bull

Singapore is known for its bustling nightlife and exciting musical events brought in by nightlife venues. Red Bull has always been positioned as a friend of nightlife, giving partygoers the boost of energy they need to keep the party going till dawn. Wanting to go beyond the can and give partygoers a true Red Bull Music experience, Red Bull Singapore had the vision of giving wings to Singapore’s local DJs, giving them the opportunity to shine with Red Bull Music and competing to be the world’s best turntablist with Red Bull 3Style - the Olympics of turntablism.

Red Bull 3style would be held on November 23rd 2019, featuring 6 finalists spinning for sellout crowd at Yang Club. Emerging victorious was DJ Anrev, taking his place as the National Champion to represent Singapore at the Red Bull 3Style World Championships in Russia. The night was then graced with the talents of 3 former Red Bull 3Style World Champions, who would spin the crowd deep into the night.

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