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From the Tunnel to the Skies

From the Tunnel to the Skies


Red Bull

Kyra Poh is a World Champion, World Record Breaker, and Red Bull’s only Singaporean athlete, and she is at the very top of her spor of Indoor Skydiving.

Through 2020 and 2021, her ability to compete internationally amongst the best in the world and make headlines was put on hold when Indoor Skydiving competitions were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Determined to continue in her athletic progression, Kyra prepared to restart her journey of obtaining her skydiving license after an accident left her with a fractured rib halted her progress years before - and just as international travel began once more, the project From the Tunnel to the Skies was developed.

From the Tunnel to the Skies is a project that was aimed to elevate Kyra’s profile as an elite athlete and position her as an aspirational figure to young athletes in Singapore, with the added storyline of how Red Bull gave her wings to achieve it all. The content piece had several pieces, a video editorial of her journey from Indoor Skydiver to fullfledged Skydiver, and a written editorial on this key differences between Indoor Skydiving and Skydiving. This project was shared across as well as Red Bull’s social media.

Upon publication, this project was also picked up by multiple national news publications.

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