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Red Bull: Opinion Leader Campaign

Red Bull: Opinion Leader Campaign


Red Bull

Red Bull has many branded ambassadors in the form of branded athletes, gamers, musicians, and more. These ambassadors are crucial in Red Bull’s branding, marketing, and content strategy by having credible representation by top figures across various scenes, and developing ownable social media and content with them.

Red Bull Singapore faced multiple brand and budgetary restrictions, allowing only 1 branded athlete in the country to be signed, meaning localised and locally relevant content was limited. In order to navigate these challenges, I developed a strategy that focused on building organic relationships with up and coming profiles that resonated with the brand, nurturing a relationship between these profiles and the brand with the aim of cultivating a strong, organic, and credible relationship, and unbranded representation and use of image for social content.

An effort that took 2 years resulted in a sizable pool of credible key opinion leaders in the local market that sparked a new wave of local following due to relatable content and seeing identifiable faces among the local audience.

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